NPC Iron Garrison Guards Trader

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This page is used by Iron Garrison Guards Trader NPCs. The Trader replaces separate Barter and Vendor NPCs combined with Update 6. There is now one Reputation Trader who both sells and barters reputation items.

Trader Information

Reputation Traders and Barterers:


Iron Garrison Miners reputation items may be exchanged (bartered) one-for-one, for Iron Garrison Guards items at any Iron Garrison Miners vendor.

This Iron Garrison Guards Item Worth Reputation Gain Can Be Received in Exchange For
Worn Dwarf Carving-icon.png Worn Dwarf Carving 30 Broken Engraving-icon.png Broken Engraving
Cracked Dwarf Tablet-icon.png Cracked Dwarf Tablet 50 Cracked Etching-icon.png Cracked Etching
Purple Crystal Lamp Fragment-icon.png Purple Crystal Lamp Fragment 700 Green Crystal Lamp Fragment-icon.png Green Crystal Lamp Fragment
Durin's Emblem-icon.png Durin's Emblem 900 Durin Figurine-icon.png Durin Figurine
Fracture Ruby-icon.png Fractured Ruby 1,200 Uncut Moria-adamant-icon.png Uncut Moria-adamant


Item Faction Standing Level Cost Class
Traveller's Scone-icon.png Traveller's Scone Acquaintance 30 3 Silver 52 Copper  any
Heavy Boots 8 (rare)-icon.png Iron Guard's Boots Acquaintance 51 44 Silver 64 Copper  any
Medium Boots 5 (rare)-icon.png Iron Guard's Feet Acquaintance 51 37 Silver 36 Copper  any
Light Shoes 1 (rare)-icon.png Iron Guard's Shoes Acquaintance 51 34 Silver 16 Copper  any
Moria Geode-icon.png Moria Geode Acquaintance 51 41 Silver 40 Copper  any
Shield 4 (rare reputation)-icon.png Guard's Buckler Friend 53 153 Silver 60 Copper  any
Ring 4 (rare reputation)-icon.png Guard's Gold Ring Friend 53 153 Silver 60 Copper  any
Shield 4 (rare reputation)-icon.png Guard's Heavy Shield Friend 53 153 Silver 60 Copper  any
Shield 2 (rare reputation)-icon.png Guard's Medium Shield Friend 53 153 Silver 60 Copper  any
Ring 2 (rare reputation)-icon.png Guard's Silver Ring Friend 53 153 Silver 60 Copper  any
Artisan Cook Recipe-icon.png Strawberry Scone Recipe Friend 15 Silver  Cook
Pocket 3 (rare reputation)-icon.png Guard's Trinket Ally 55 156 Silver 80 Copper  any
Pocket 3 (rare reputation)-icon.png Guard's Charm Ally 55 156 Silver 80 Copper  any
Book 1 (incomparable)-icon.png On the Patterns of Wind and Rain Kindred 58 Gold 500 Silver  Rune-keeper
Book 1 (incomparable)-icon.png The Boiling Rage Kindred 58 Gold 500 Silver  Champion
Book 1 (incomparable)-icon.png The Book of Nature Kindred 58 Gold 500 Silver  Lore-master
Book 1 (incomparable)-icon.png The Jolly Hunter Kindred 58 Gold 500 Silver  Hunter
Book 1 (incomparable)-icon.png The Master of the Charge Kindred 58 Gold 500 Silver  Captain
Book 1 (incomparable)-icon.png The Path Less Trod Kindred 58 Gold 500 Silver  Warden
Book 1 (incomparable)-icon.png The Verses of the North Kindred 58 Gold 500 Silver  Minstrel
Book 1 (incomparable)-icon.png A Guide to the Quiet Knife Kindred 58 Gold 500 Silver  Burglar
Book 1 (incomparable)-icon.png A Keen Blade Kindred 58 Gold 500 Silver  Guardian