Monster Player Trainer

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The Monster Player Trainer is class of non-player character. Monster Player Trainers offer class-specific skills and traits in exchange for Commendations. These are the Monster Play version of Class Trainers.

To change your traits talk to one of the following Monster Player Trainers:

Settlement Trainer
Dâr-gazag Dolith
Gramsfoot Dagalúr


Tell me about monsterplay advancement

'To become more powerful, you will need to increase your Rank by gaining Infamy in battle with the Free Peoples. Each Rank grants you access to additional skills, traits, and corruptions.'

Tell me about contested areas

'Contested areas are locations within the Ettenmoors that can be captured by either Angmar or the Free Peoples. There are five contested areas within the Ettenmoors: Lugazag, Tol Ascarnen, Tirith Rhaw, Grimwood Lumber Camp, and Isendeep Mines.
'You can find quests and information on the current state of the contested areas inside the War Tent in Gramsfoot.'

Tell me about maps

'Maps allow you to quickly travel to various locations in the Ettenmoors. You can acquire these maps by completing quests for the defenders in each contested area.'

Tell me about the Delving of Frór

'The Delving of Frór is a public dungeon located in the Ettenmoors. Access to The Delving of Frór is gained by controlling two of the five contested areas found in Ost Ringdyr and Dâr-gazag. Controlling the dungeon allows those inside to remain there, but losing control of the Battle in the Ettenmoors means the enemy will be able to enter the dungeon and drive you out.
'Creatures in the dungeon drop Spirit Stones which can be used to barter for consumables, items, skills, and corruptions.'

Tell me about flag captures

'Once your side has captured Tol Ascarnen, a flag will appear in the opposition's camp; either Hoarhallow or Grothum. Taking that flag and returning it to the first landing of Tol Ascarnen will grant a buff to all defenders within Tol Ascarnen. This buff will persist until the flag is returned to the camp.
'There are Artifacts at Ost Ringdyr and Dâr-gazag protected by keep lords. Once the keep lord is defeated, the artifact may be taken and carried to the Artifact Room within your faction's keep. To capture the opposition's artifact, you must have control of your own faction's artifact.
'Capturing artifacts rewards the controlling faction with buffs, only useable within the Ettenmoors.'