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Type: Dwarf mine
Region: The Silvertine Lodes
Area: Moria
Location: [11.2S, 112.8W]
Far overhead is the hoist platform - Menem-munz


Menem-munz is the mining platform above Menem-berej, the great mining area in the center of the Silvertine Lodes. It was once used to raise and lower great loads of ore and mining materials from the depths of the pit below, but it has not been used for centuries, and now stands only as a monument to more productive and better times, now long past.


[11.2S, 112.8W] Far above your head!



Find Flik, the dwarf you have to rescue near the goblin camps. Look over the edge by him and you will see a pathway down below that leads from the catwalk to a grodbog nest. Follow the path from Flik towards the goblin camp to find a place to jump down in or near the grodbog nest.

There is no safe way off the catwalks either. Look for a place to slide down a cliff into another grodbog nest. After all, it is difficult to fight off the mobs with broken legs.