Lieutenant Ingi

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Freep-icon.png Lieutenant Ingi
Lieutenant Ingi.jpg
Faction Freep
Location Ost Ringdyr
Map ref [15.9S, 12.3W]
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Type Quest
Difficulty Master Defender
Level 130
Morale 168,260
Power 6,480


Lieutenant Ingi is located upstairs in Ost Ringdyr in the Ettenmoors. First Marshal Sathryth is located in the same room. It is the last room prior to reaching Captain-General Lainedhel's room.


Finish Qusts

Starts Quests

Target of Quests


Conclusion: Ruins of Ost Ringdyr

"Another Fresh Recruit? Well You've come to a place in dire need of your aid, <name>.

"Ever since we arrived, Angmar's forces have made a regular habit of assailing us wherever we travel. There are very few safe places to move. You're here to learn a bit about the Enemy, and I am ready to oblige, but be warned the Enemy travels the Ettenmoors largely unchecked and in great number. You will need to use caution and stealth.

"North of our location, behind safety of great dark stones, lies the goblin-village of Grothum, a vile place that sits at the east side of the Isendeep Mine, once a dwarf-mine. I need help in defeating those goblins."

Start: Fiendish Foes

"In an age past, the Misty Mountains were home to many of my kin. Now they crawl with goblins in all places save Moria where Durin's folk still hold the darkness at bay.

"The goblins in the north, at Grothum their accursed village, are the same that dwell in the place called Goblin-town. These savage little beasts are vile and cruel fiends, desiring only to serve the Dark Lord and the will of all evil manner. We can do our part, however, and crush them. Drive them back into their mountain halls and peruse then until there is nowhere else for them to flee.

"Go north, friend. North to where the hills take on the dark colour of mountain slate. You will find their accursed village. Find the guards and sappers there and put an end to their fiendish ways."

Start: Leaders of the Goblins

"My hatred for the goblins runs as deep as the veins of mithril in Moria. I'll not mince words.

"There are leaders, Bok and Gasham, at the village at Grothum. They are cunning and cruel. Each capable of leading the goblin-folk and both fiercely set against the Free Peoples. Defeating them is possible, but we must strike swiftly. If you go to Grothum, fight and kill these two creatures, then return to me. I will see that you receive a fitting reward.

"Beware their strength. They are not of normal goblin-stock."


Barrel of Oil-icon.pngDwarf-beard-icon.pngUnrefined Isendeep Ore-icon.pngShattered Blade-icon.pngFood Sack-icon.pngLieutenant's Seal-icon.png