Khundolar Cat-master

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Khundolar Cat-master
Khundolar Cat-master.jpg
Level: 75
Region: The Great River
Area: Brown Lands

Type: Normal
Genus: Man
Species: Easterling

Morale: 9,135
Power: 790
Advanced Stats
Alignment: ( Evil )
Combat Effectiveness:
Finesse: Feeble
F.M. Immune: False
Stun/Mez Imm.: False
Root Immune: False
Cry: Good
Song: Good
Tactical: Good
Physical: Good
Common: Good AncientDwarf: Good
Fire: Good Beleriand: Good
Light: Good Westernesse: Good
Shadow: Good Frost: Good
Lightning: Good

Level of Lore-master reporting: ( 75 )  


Khundolar Cat-masters are found at Lashkarg in the Brown Lands, by The Great River. [32.7S, 51.5W] As their name suggests, they are always accompanied by a Battle-cat.

Quest Involvement

Deed Involvement


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