Jolly Cotton

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Jolly Cotton
Image of Jolly Cotton
Gender Male
Race Hobbit
Region The Shire
Area Hobbiton-Bywater
Settlement Tom Cotton's Farm
Map Ref [32.4S, 69.3W]


Wilcome "Jolly" Cotton is the mid-son of Tom Cotton and Lily Brown. He is found at a field of his father's farm, south of Bywater. He has four siblings: Tom, Rosie, Nick and Nibs.

When younger, Jolly and his siblings often played and swam in the Bywater Pool with Samwise Gamgee and other young Hobbits. When Sam went off with Frodo, Jolly stood firm with his father against Sharkey's men and kept the farm safe, as he also pandered to Gaffer Gamgee, Sam's father. History later than the era of Lotro will tell him even more brave in the Battle of Bywater. [1]


"Can't you see I am busy?"
"I haven't any idea where Nibs went off to."
"Rosie has been acting a bit queer even since Sam moved away."