Item:The Miser's Coin

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Pocket 1 (rare)-icon.png
  The Miser's Coin
  • Bind on Equip
  • Item Level: 50
  • Pocket
  • +10% Discount at most Bree-land shops
    +33 Fate
  • Normal
  • Durability 100/100
  • Minimum Level 50
  • "This copper-piece is rumoured to have the ability to give its bearer a silver tongue when bartering."
  • Worth: 11 Silver 82 Copper 

Drop Information

Mob / Creature Instance / Location
Castellan Wisdán's chest Barad Gúlaran (Angmar)
Mormoz Carn Dûm {Angmar)


This item gives a 10% discount on purchases from provisioners, suppliers, healers, crafting vendors, grocers, bowyers, weaponsmiths, and armoursmiths in Bree-land. Description notwithstanding, it does not give a discount on trades with barter vendors.