Item:Steed of the Citadel Guard

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Halter of Citadel Guard-icon.png
  Steed of the Citadel Guard
  • Unique
  • Bind on Acquire
  • Item Level: 1
  • Consumed On Use
  • Barring Skill: Steed of the Citadel Guard
  • Requires: Riding
  • "You can use this token to learn a skill to call this mount.

    Using this token will grant you the appropriate horse or pony for your race, and all associated war-steed appearance traits."
  • Vendor's Price:
  • Worth:

Item Information


This mount is sometimes found in the LOTRO Store for 1995 LOTRO Point .

Skill(s) Granted

Using this item grants the skill Halter of Citadel Guard-icon.png Steed of the Citadel Guard.

 Mount Stats

Speed = 68%
Morale = 200
Unable to evade.
Unable to parry.
Unable to block.

Trait(s) Granted

This item also grants the following appearance traits for War-steeds.
Accessory of the Citadel Guard-icon.png Accessory of the Citadel Guard
Caparison of the Citadel Guard-icon.png Caparison of the Citadel Guard
Halter of the Citadel Guard-icon.png Halter of the Citadel Guard
Leggings of the Citadel Guard-icon.png Leggings of the Citadel Guard
Saddle of the Citadel Guard-icon.png Saddle of the Citadel Guard


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