Item:Shimmering Elf-stone

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Shimmering Elf-stone
  • Cannot use with Effect: Exhaustion
  • "An Elf-stone that catches and refracts light creating a shimmery appearance on its surface. The stone hums softly and if used may inspire you to some form of greatness."

The Shimmering Elf-stone is an item granted to the player upon accepting certain fellowship-grade quests (usually Book Quests). Using it applies the Inspired effect, allowing a player (or players) to accomplish difficult quests solo, or in a small fellowship, rather than requiring a full fellowship to complete the quests. The elf-stone cannot be used outside the quest area for which it was granted.


Upon entering the quest area, usually in a safe zone preceding the dangerous area of the quest, the player will receive on-screen notification that he is in an appropriate area to apply the buff. The notification text reads: "Strength swells within your chest. You can use the shimmering elf-stone here to draw upon inspiration." Clicking on the elf-stone while in this area will apply the buff.

If the player steps out of the pre-determined area, he will receive the notification "You cannot invoke inspiration here." If the player attempts to use the elf-stone elsewhere in the world, he will find that it is unusable; the item will have a red line around its icon, and clicking on the item will return an error message. While the quest is active, the message states "You cannot use that here." If the quest is dropped, or if all quest objectives have been completed, clicking on the stone will return the error message "You cannot do that right now."

The Inspired effect has a 15-minute expiration timer, at the end of which the Exhaustion effect is applied for ten minutes. The player cannot be Exhausted and Inspired at the same time; thus, the Exhaustion effect prevents the player from using the Shimmering Elf-stone to renew Inspiration until the Exhaustion effect expires.

Quest Information

This item is involved in the following quests: