Item:Scroll of Greater Craft Acceleration

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Craft XP 2-icon.png
  Scroll of Greater Craft Acceleration
  • Bind to Account
  • Item Level: 1
  • Consumed On Use
  • Duration: 10m
  • Cooldown: 10m
  • Minimum Level 5
  • "Using this scroll increases earned craft experience by 50% for 10 minutes.

    Affects all Cook, Jeweller, Metalsmith, Scholar, Tailor, Weaponsmith, and Woodworker recipes."
  • Stacks to 5

Drop Information

This item is a world drop.

It also can drop as a Hobbit Present
It can also be purchased from the LOTRO Store for 395 LOTRO Point  for a stack of 5.

Effect Information

Using this item bestows the effect Crafting Experience Bonus-icon.png Crafting Experience Bonus: 50%  .

Experience Boosts

There are several different types of experience boosts in the Lord of the Rings Online.

Related Effects


  1. Two versions of experience boosts are found in-game with the same name and icon -- however with different Tool-tips (i.e. effects)!
    The current version available for purchase is known as: Tome of Extraordinary Experience
    Enhanced XP Supplies are found in those gift boxes you get for reaching certain levels as noted above.
  2. Neither item provides a benefit if you are at the level cap (115).
  3. While the basic effect is the same, the duration of the effects are slightly different.
    This effect applies to all enumerated items during that time period.
    • The Enhanced XP Supply adds a blue XP bar on your XP bar, very much like the VIP daily XP bar.
    The amount of bonus XP granted is equal to 1/3 the amount of experience required to reach the character's next level. This bonus is only consumed as you acquire experience similar to the bonus for Reputation Experience Small Reputation Acceleration Tome or Reputation Acceleration Tome and therefore persists across login sessions, i.e. it is not timed.
  4. The LOTRO Store offers two similar items
  5. Additive with The Healing 4-icon.png Welcome Back Weekend  effects

Changes in Update 14

Update 14, The Paths of the Dead - July 14, 2014 - from the release notes:

Welcome Back Weekend

Changes in Update 11

Update 11: Treachery of the White Hand - May 2013 - from the release notes:

Enhanced Experience

  • Rest experience is getting an overhaul! Basics: Rest Experience is becoming Enhanced Experience.
There will be two kinds of Enhanced XP: VIP Bonus XP and Store item Bonus XP.
VIP Bonus will appear blue on your experience bar. Store Bonus will appear as light blue. Bonus experience will apply to all basic forms of experience (adventure XP, legendary, steed, etc.). If both the VIP bonus and the Store bonus are present, the VIP bonus will be used first. Store Experience boosters, like the Tome of Extraordinary Experience, can be used along with these bonuses.