Item:Perfect Picnic Steed

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Perfect Picnic Steed-icon.png
Perfect Picnic Steed
  • Unique
  • Bind On Acquire
  • Item Level: 1
  • Consumed On Use
  • Barring Skill: Perfect Picnic Steed
  • Requires: Riding
  • "You can use this token to learn a skill to call this mount.

    Using this token will grant you the appropriate horse or pony for your race."

Item Information

This mount is available during Summer Festivals since 2018, and the Farmers Faire from 2020 onward.

Barter Information

Barterer: Verbena Greenhand

Item(s) to Receive Item(s) to Trade
Perfect Picnic Steed-icon.png Perfect Picnic Steed 20Festivity Token-icon.png Festivity Tokens

Skill(s) Granted

Using this item grants the skill Perfect Picnic Steed (skill)-icon.png Perfect Picnic Steed, depending on your character race.

 Mount Stats

Speed = 62%
Morale = 200
Unable to evade.
Unable to parry.
Unable to block.