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  • Item Level: 40
  • Consumed On Use
  • Food
  • On Use:
  • Removes up to 1 Wound, Poison effect with maximum strength of 45 from the target.
    +2063 in-Combat Power Regen
    +848 in-Combat Morale Regen
    +4088 non-Combat Morale Regen
    +4088 non-Combat Power Regen
  • Duration: 10m
  • Cooldown: 30s
  • Minimum Level 40
  • "The fabled waybread of the Elves, or at least a close approximation.

    Only one cooked food can be active at a time."
  • Worth: 1 Silver 43 Copper 
  • Stacks to 50

Craft Information

Profession: Cook

Crafting Level: Master (Tier 5)

Recipe: Lembas Recipe

Standard Recipe Result: Lembas

Critical Success Result: Superior Lembas

Quest Information

This item is a reward for the quest [50] Vol. I, Book 10, Chapter 4: Marching Orders.

Barter Information

Barterer: Glanlin (Supply & Recipe Trader at Echad Garthadir, the southwestern section of Annúminas in Evendim)

Item to Receive Items to Trade
5Lembas-icon.png Lembas Mark-icon.png 32 Marks Medallion-icon.png 2 Medallions