Item:First Age Imbued Legendary Item Box

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Box 16 (store)-icon.png
  First Age Imbued Legendary Item Box
  • Bind to Account
  • Item Level: 1
  • Cooldown: 5s
  • Minimum Level 120
  • Requires: Seeker of Deep Places
  • "Use to select an Imbued First Age Legendary Item appropriate to your class and specialization.

    These items come pre-slotted with relics, have titles, and several DPS and legacy tiers unlocked."

Item Information

This is contained in Box 17 (store)-icon.png Valar Level Boost Package - 120.


When opened, you can choose an First Age Imbued Legendary Weapon or Legendary Item with legacies appropriate to a trait tree. Each class legacy has 47 tiers unlocked and reached and the main legacy (DPS, healing or other) has 67 tiers unlocked and reached.