Item:Dagorlad Armour Scrap

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Dagorlad Armour Scrap (Wastes)-icon.png
  Dagorlad Armour Scrap
  • Item Level: 100
  • Barter Item
  • "The scrap of battles past. It cannot be used to make new equipment, but it will work just fine to reinforce armour damaged at the Pelennor"

Item Information

Dagorlad Armour Scrap is an Anórien-proficiency crafting material introduced with The Wastes.

They are most easily found in Dagorlad Scrap Deposit resource nodes in the Noman-lands in The Wastes.

See Metalsmith Anórien Recipe Index: Host of the West for the crafting recipes that use them.

Drop Information

This item is a selectable reward from the Box 12 (store)-icon.png Box of Crafting Materials.

It is also obtainable as random loot from enemies and containers in the Wastes.

Quest Information

This item is a selectable reward for the following quests: