Item:Ash Horn

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Champion Horn (uncommon)-icon.png
  Ash Horn
  • Consumed On Use
  • On Use:
  • 3s Stun
  • Tactical Skill
  • Resistance: Song
  • Radius: 5m
  • Max Targets: 2
  • 5.2m Range
  • Cooldown: 3m
  • Minimum Level 20
  • Class: Champion
  • Requires: Horns of Valour
  • "Horns can momentarily stun up to 2 nearby targets.

    Most effective against targets level 25 or lower.

    Mounted Combat Enemies: Stun replaced with a mount speed debuff"
  • Worth: 1 Silver 50 Copper 

Craft Information

Profession: Woodworker

Crafting Level: Journeyman (Tier 2)

Recipe: Journeyman Woodworker Recipe-icon.png Ash Horn Recipe


Craft Item Critical Success
Champion Horn (uncommon)-icon.png Ash Horn 2Champion Horn (uncommon)-icon.png Ash Horns