Item:A Historian's Guide

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A Historian's Guide
  • Unique
  • "Ancient Lessons by Idhremmin, Historian."

Item Information

This item, a description of the professions in your new vocation, is given to the player once they chose the vocation of Historian along with their intital set of tools: Inferior Scholar's Glass, Inferior Farming Tools and Inferior Smithing Hammer.

This guide describes how one advances in each profession.

Note that these tools can immediately be upgraded for coin at the nearest Supplier for Scholar's Glass, Farming Tools and Smithing Hammer. The investment will reduce the frequency and total cost of your repair bills.

Text of "The Historian's Guide"

Ancient Lessons

The world of Middle-earth is ancient and varied, and for we Historians, our goal is to understand it, from the mystical to the mundane.

A historian has three main areas of study. First and foremost, we are students of the Scholarly arts, focused on collecting relics and earlier ages and putting that knowledge to practical use.

In addition, our studies of historical weapons have led us to learn their craft, and our near-universal appreciation for pipe-weed has led many of us to learn the secrets of its cultivation.


Scholars can produce a wide variety of scrolls, potions, dyes, and other useful items. All materials that a scholar uses tend to show up as treasure from humanoid foes. Materials can be obtained from relics, typically found near ancient ruins using your Track Artifacts skill.

To create a Battle Lore scroll,

  1. Equip your Scholar's Glass
  2. Collect two Aged Scraps of Text, one Early Third Age Relic, and one Worn Tablet Fragment.
  3. Execute the Minor Battle Lore recipe.

You have now produced a scroll that can be used to provide guidance to your fellowship!

While basic Scholar recipes do not require a facility, your most difficult work will require access to a great library.


Weaponsmithing recipes require a great deal of metal. You'll not find metal for sale at vendors, so you'll either need to mine your own, or head to the Auction Hall.

To craft a Bronze Sword, you must do the following:

  1. Equip your Smithing Hammer
  2. Find a forge
  3. Smith one Bronze Blade
  4. Using the ingredient, execute the Bronze Sword recipe.

Your work completed, you now possess a stout and capable weapon!


You can also farm to produce pipe-weed and vegetables that can be used by cooks to produce tasty food.

You can farm at special farming fields found throughout Middle Earth. Novice farmhands can be found near farm fields in Michel Delving (Shire) and Staddle (Bree-land).

To farm some Southlinch Pipe-weed, you must do the following:

  1. Equip your Farming Tools
  2. Buy one Apprentice Pipe-weed Seed, one Bucket of Water, and one Handful of Fertilizer from a Novice Farmhand.
  3. Find some Pipeweed Farmland, and execute the farming recipe.
  4. Harvest your crops, and reap the rewards!

As you execute recipes, you will gain experience in your craft. When you are ready to progress to more difficult work, you can seek out further training and quests from craftsmen of note!