Inventory Bags

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The Basics

Account Storage is divided into several parts, by Character and by Account, however it is always unique to a single server. i.e. there is no "Shared Storage" across servers.
  • The more "permanent" storage types are described under the article: "Vault," where the operation of the "bank system" in LOTRO is described.
The first part of the storage system a new player will see is their Character's Inventory Storage Bags.
  • All Inventory Bags attributed to a character can be opened simultaneously by typing "I"; while individual bags can be opened by typing various keys or buttons as assigned in the "Options Panel -> Key Mapping" section. By default, Toolbar Right slots 8 to 3 are assigned to open individual bags and can be changed in the "Options Panel -> UI Settings". (See: Commands for additional information.)
  • By default a new account has three inventory bags which the character on that account carries with them all the time.
  • Initially, each bag has 15 slots, for a total of 45 slots for a new account (not character).
  • Bag 1 has a toolbar for purchasing more inventory space, searching for items, turning "Edit Mode" on/off, and toggling sell lock on items.
  • Units of 5 Inventory Slots can be purchased subsequently. These are account-wide purchases and will change what a newly created character will have.
These units are all applied to the first bag. These can then be apportioned across all one's bags via "Edit Mode."
  • Bags can be resized by dragging the resize bar on the right-hand side left or right.
  • The "Edit Mode" feature allows you to drag/drop inventory space from one bag to another in units of 5. This can be toggled on or off via the "Edit Mode" button on the bags. To leave "Edit Mode" and return to normal bag usage, you must press the edit mode button again or hit the escape key.
  • Bag 1 cannot be emptied out completely due to the special toolbar located in it but all other bags can have all inventory space moved out of them. This will cause them to not display except when you are in edit mode. Effectively, this will allow you to put all of your inventory into a single bag if you so choose.
  • The "sort" button to the bag 1 toolbar in the inventory. This button (after a suppressible confirmation dialogue) will sort all your items, floating all empty space to the top (so that as you get new items, they are separated from your existing items). The sorting algorithm used is the one used for the "auto" sort in the vault, and it has been updated to correctly sort by level items of the same quality and type.
These account-wide purchases apply to any server where that account has created a character. (However, the storage itself is not shared.)
  • Each character may have a maximum of six bags.
  • As of Update 18, a total of 135 Inventory Bag Slots are available to all account types.
These are only available for purchase in the on-line store, in units of 5 known as: "Inventory: +5 Slots" at a cost of 325 LOTRO Point  for each unit.

Description of Toolbar

At the top of the first bag there are a few icons that can be used:

  • LOTRO Store - to purchase more slots
  • Edit Mode
  • Toggle Lock Mode
  • Click to sort all your items

See Also

Carry-all: a special container for holding items of a specific type.