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"Incremental" is a new game-mechanic introduced with Update 13 - The Breaking of Isengard.

Update 13

Three incremental quests
  1. [95] Carnimírië's Seed -- Incremental
  2. [95] Lassemista's Seed -- Incremental
  3. [95] Orofarnë's Seed -- Incremental


  • You can only work on one quest at a time
  • All 3 quests are repeatable
  • NOTE: Update 14.1 significantly reduced the time necessary to complete these quests. You can now complete all three quests (sequentially) in one day.
  • There are 4, 5 or 6 steps per quest, one step can be completed per visit to Quickbeam. day (18 hours). Note that this is a COOL-DOWN timer, it does NOT reset at 03:00! (Update 14.1)
Quickbeam requires 18 hours to think - between each step - Quickbeam's Think time eliminated in Update 14.1
A tool-tip under your portrait will indicate how long Quickbeam is "pondering what to do next" -- Duration 18 hours.
This tool tip is almost invisible -- it is of a tree. If you mouse over the area below your portrait, it will display a pop-up. It also displays in the BuffBars plugin.

  • Stated another way, these three quests will each take respectively, 4, 5 or 6 eighteen hour periods (days) to complete. Or a total time of roughly two weeks to complete all three quests, completing one step per day. Now can be completed in a single day are repeatable daily.