Improved Hampering Javelin

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Hampering Javelin-icon.png
 Improved Hampering Javelin
  • 40m Range
  • Ranged Skill
  • A precise throw can pin a target to the ground and hinder its movement for a short while thereafter.

    Mounted Combat Enemies: Root replaced with a mount acceleration debuff

  • ...% of Ranged + bonus Damage

  • -45% Target Run Speed
  • Duration: 20s
  • 2s Root
  • Duration: 1s
  • Cost: ... Power
  • Cooldown: 20s

General Information

Class: Warden

Level: 6


This skill is granted as part of the specialization bonus trait for the Assailment specialization.

With the trait Makeshift Caltrops-icon.png Makeshift Caltrops, this skill becomes AoE affecting up to 5 targets around the Warden's target.


Using this skill activates the Rooted-icon.png Rooted and Hampering Javelin-icon.png Improved Hampering Javelin effects on the Warden's target, which applies a short initial root followed by a slow.


In the Determination and Recklessness specializations, this skill becomes Hampering Javelin-icon.png Hampering Javelin.


The "Duration: 1s" under "2s Root" has no effect; the root lasts 2 seconds.