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Faction Neutral
Location Ettenmoors
Area The Delving of Frór
Genus The Dead
Species Wight
Type Elite Master
Level Range 131
Morale Range 262,129
Power Range 13,813
Special Abilities Power Drain
Breath Attack


Iachador is located upstairs in the room to the south-west of the freep entrance to The Delving of Fror.

Special Attacks

Iachador has a variety of attacks, melee, ranged and tactical/spell oriented. He is the counterpart to Raingorth from the creep entrance side of the zone.

  • Diseased Roar -- a forward arc Shadow Damage based attack that hits for 800-900ish per hit (3 hits) against cloth wearers. About 2400-2700 total potential damage.


Item:Crooked Finger BonePunctured Shield-icon.pngTrophy Hatchet-icon.pngPiece of Westemnet Sealed Wax-icon.pngItem:Vial of Aged Blood of the Fair FolkRohirric Celebrant Salve-icon.pngItem:Vial of Aged Blood of Man
Also drops random high 40's-50 items -- uncommon+ quallity.


Iachardor was once a Ranger who fell into the hands of the enemy. After much torture, he finally admitted the location of Ost Ringdyr, the main fortress of the Coldfells Army in the Ettenmoors. However, he also managed to escape back to Ost Ringdyr before the Angmarim Army and warned the Free Peoples of them and his treachery. The Free Peoples managed to devastate the Angmarim Army below the cliffs of Ost Ringdyr and Iachardor vowed to wander the Delving as his redemption. However, he did not know the true power behind the Delving and after being slain in battle against the evil forces, Gaergoth raised his fallen corpse as a Wight.