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  • 40m Range
  • Tactical Skill
  • Max Targets: 3
  • Radius: 8m
  • Resistance: Tactical
  • Roots several enemies in place.
  • Mounted Combat Enemies: Root replaced with a mount acceleration debuff.
  • 30s Root
  • 50% break chance on damage after 1s
  • Cost: (Level × 3) Power
  • Cooldown: 2m

General Information

Class: Lore-master

Unlocked by the set bonus Herb-lore (4) in the Ancient Master tree.

Rank Needed: 20


Using this skill causes Rooted to occur on an enemy target.


The trait Firm Grasp in the Ancient Master tree increases the Breakout Grace Period of this skill (the time before breaks by damage are possible) by 3s.


The Lore-master's Book Legacy Target Resistance (Debuffing Skills) decreases the resistance to this skill by up to 3608.
The passive -...% Lore Power Cost that can be found on Second age and First age Lore-master Books reduces the power cost of this skill by up to 7%.

Tactical Information

Herb-lore is an excellent skill to root enemies. Unlike the Lore-master's other root skill, Cracked Earth, the root is instant and does not deal damage. The fact that it is instant makes it an ideal skill to start off a pull with many enemies that should be crowd-controlled (especially if Deep Lore is traited) or to use in emergencies when dangerous enemies should be controlled at once. In some cases it's also an advantage that the skill roots without damaging.

Herb-lore has a long cooldown, as opposed to Cracked Earth. It is therefore not possible to chain root enemies by using this skill alone. It is possible to chain root in combination with Cracked Earth, though. It's worth noting that the root of Herb Lore has a 50% chance to break after damage and Cracked Earth has a 25% chance. It is thus easier to break a root caused by Herb Lore than a root caused by Cracked Earth.