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Image of Heburga
Gender Female
Race Race of Man
Region East Rohan
Area The Wold
Settlement Langhold
Map Ref [35.9S, 53.7W]

Quest Involvement


  • So, you are the daughter of the Thane?
    'Yes, I am Heburga, daughter of Utred! Someday I will be Thane after my father, and my little brother Utmund will be Thane if I should die. I am going to be a great warrior like my father. I am almost strong enough to wield a sword and shield!'
    Ah. I see.
  • What do you do for fun around here?
    'We do very serious training to become great Rohirrim warriors! This involves bashing brigands and the like until they fly through the air. It is great fun. But serious, of course.'
  • Aren't you afraid of enemies?
    'Goodness, no. I am not afraid of anything! I am from Rohan, after all.'
    So brave!