Hands of Healing Set Bonuses

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Set Traits Description Source
Readied Strike-icon.png Readied Strike Improves skill Valiant Strike Set: 5+ total ranks
Uplift-icon.png Uplift Buff Set: 10+ total ranks
Elendil's Favour-icon.png Elendil's Favour Improves skill Blade of Elendil Set: 15+ total ranks
Tactician's Prowess-icon.png Tactician's Prowess Buff Set: 20+ total ranks
Song-brother's Call-icon.png Song-brother's Call Gain skill Song-brother's Call Set: 25+ total ranks
Blessing of the Song-icon.png Blessing of the Song Improves skill Song-brother Set: 30+ total ranks
Inspiriting Presence-icon.png Inspiriting Presence Improves skill Inspire (Song-brother) and Valiant Strike Set: 35+ total ranks