Grey Mountains Instance Cluster

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The Grey Mountains Instance Cluster contains three Scaling Instances and one Raid for level 118+ characters. It is available in the LOTRO Store as part of the Quest Pack Where Dragons Dwell-icon.png Quest Pack: Where Dragons Dwell for 1995 LOTRO Point , included Free for VIPs.
  • Caverns of Thrumfall - Solo, Duo, Three-person - (Stormwall)
  • Glimmerdeep - Solo, Duo, Three-person
  • Thikil-gundu - Solo, Six-person
  • The Anvil of Witherstith - 12-person Raid
All are available at T1, T2 and T3 difficulty levels.
There are also four Resources Instances, with different quests and characteristics.

Locations with Resource Instances


[120] Quest: Across the Chasm - Wrapper quest - solo
[120] Quest: Instance: Glimmerdeep -- Solo/Duo

Glimmerdeep Resource Instance

[120] Glimmerdeep: Prized Gemstones - Requires wrapper quest to be active
[120] Glimmerdeep: Blood on the Tracks - Requires wrapper quest to be active


  • Óinsbridge - Landmark page
  • No Instance Finder Instance

Óinsbridge Resource Instance

[120] Óinsbridge: Exotic Arms - Requires wrapper quest to be active
[120] Óinsbridge: Infestation - Requires wrapper quest to be activeandscape


Category: Thikil-gundu Deeds

Thikil-gundu Resource Instance

[120] Thikil-gundu: Culling the Gundabad - Requires wrapper quest to be active
[120] Thikil-gundu: Long Thought Lost - Requires wrapper quest to be active

The Withered Heath

The Withered Heath Resource Instance

[120] Withered Heath: A Deep Thaw - Requires wrapper quest to be active
[120] Withered Heath: A Harsh Pursuit - Requires wrapper quest to be active




The Anvil of Winterstith


Category: Ered Mithrin and Withered Heath Instance Deeds
Category: Thikil-gundu Deeds


Category: Dwarf-holds: Remnants of the Grey Realm Quests
Category: Dwarf-holds: Reclaiming the Grey Quests

Scourges (Leaders)

  • All may be found in the four Resource Instances
[120] Shákoth, Scourge of Glimmerdeep
[120] Marzlok, Scourge of Glimmerdeep
[120] Káldbak, Scourge of the Withered Heath
[120] Héolka, Scourge of The Withered Heath
[120] Bráthadan, Scourge of Óinsbridge
[120] Bánbros, Scourge of Óinsbridge
[120] Hládek the Hoary, Scourge of Thikil-gundu
[120] Lúbtul, Scourge of Thikil-gundu