Gothmog (The Darkest Hour)

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Level: 100
Region: Old Anórien
Area: Minas Tirith Besieged

Type: Nemesis
Genus: Unseen
Species: Wraith

Morale: 385,938
Power: 24,521
Advanced Stats


Gothmog can be found in the instance The Darkest Hour at the top of Minas Tirith.


The Witch-king wins the city and he sends Gothmog to capture all survived men left in it. At the end he defeats Denethor and Peregrin Took is taken by the Nazgul. The city is lost and all Middle-earth will conquered by The Dark Lord.

Note that this vision is only a depiction of how Denethor thinks that the Siege of Minas Tirith will end.