Gondorian Treasure Cache

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Deed Lore

Find West Gondor's treasure that has been lost over the years.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Find West Gondor's lost treasure.
This treasure had been lost, forgotten, or perhaps even stolen.

(see Locations for details)


  LOTRO Point-icon.png 10 LOTRO Points
  60Mark-icon.png Mark
  18Amroth Silver Piece-icon.png Amroth Silver Piece
  Reputation-title-icon.png <name>, Treasure Seeker of West Gondor
  Virtue Experience-icon.png Virtue Experience: +2000
  Reputation-icon.png Increased Reputation with Dol Amroth ( 900 )

Additional Information


Coordinates Directions / Description
[61.8S, 69.5W] Blackroot Vale, up the mountain south of Sardol
[59.2S, 68.5W] Blackroot Vale, at the base of the waterfall south of Alagrant
[60.1S, 66.9W] Blackroot Vale, among trees where Old Brôg paths
[60.6S, 66.1W] Blackroot Vale, up the moutain southeast of previous cache
[60.6S, 64.1W] Blackroot Vale, south of the Hill of Erech
[57.2S, 62.5W] Blackroot Vale, up the mountain north of Lancrath
[60.5S, 57.7W] Lamedon, by the river north of Corugwen the Cunning
[62.5S, 60.6W] Lamedon, up the mountain west of the road behind a rock
[65.2S, 61.0W] Lamedon, up the mountain south of the Bandit Encampment
[65.6S, 59.4W] Lamedon, below a waterfall west of Lothgobel
[67.4S, 54.5W] Lamedon, outside the eastern wall of Calembel
[72.9S, 57.5W] Lamedon, east of the road up to Maegond
[75.4S, 59.4W] Havens of Belfalas, by the river through the trees south of Skulkmire
[76.5S, 62.8W] Havens of Belfalas, up the mountain southwest of Nendath (approach from the east)
[73.6S, 64.8W] Havens of Belfalas, atop a small hill south of the road
[77.2S, 69.4W] Havens of Belfalas, atop a cliff overlooking the road
[78.9S, 69.4W] Havens of Belfalas, atop a cliff amongst the trees
[76.5S, 73.6W] Havens of Belfalas, on a cliff overlooking the sea southwest of Dol Amroth

Possible Chest contents

You have found an ancient Cardolan Treasure-icon.png Treasure Cache You open the ancient chest and find: Note: Each chest may contain any of the following, or nothing.