Godwig the Lazy

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Godwig the Lazy
Image of Godwig the Lazy
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Bree-land
Area Archet Dale
Settlement Archet
Map Ref [25.1S, 48.8W]


Godwig the Lazy is found whittling in Archet in Bree-land before the Assault on Archet [25.1S, 48.8W]. He seems quite content with that sleepy town-life. He is not seen anywhere after the assault.


"I could do with a good nap."
"I can whittle anything ye want...just give me a month or so."
"Troubles always blow over if ye wait long enough."
"What do I care about brigands? Ain't none of my affair."
"Bows and arrows, torches and tinder...might as well be firewood, what with all these farm-louts."