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Ghâsh-hai (Black Speech for Fire-folk) or Fire-orcs refers to a tribe or group of tribes of fire-infused creatures mostly of Orc-kind. Most of them are mid-sized Orcs, but there are also Ghâsh-hai Uruks, Ghâsh-hai Goblins, and even Ghâsh-hai Trolls.

They are distinguished by glowing, fiery patches in their flesh, which tends to be red or pale. Many adorn their armour with red-hot spikes, and often wield burning weapons.

The Ghâsh-hai of Mordor were once Mordor Orcs and Uruks in the service of Barad-dûr, tasked with driving slaves to construct Nargroth under the supervision of Urudanî Stonemaiden in the Third Age, after the Gondorians were driven out of Talath Úrui.[note 1] The project unearthed the Great Rogmul, Borangos the Horror, who turned these Orcs into Ghâsh-hai, "with arms and bones of flame." Urudanî was turned into a flame-wraith in thrall to Borangos, and the new Ghâsh-hai remained under her command, though Borangos in turn chose to ally himself with Sauron.[1][2] It is unknown if all Ghâsh-hai share this origin or if others were transformed by other fire-spirits, but they are typically found in the service of such spirits, such as Balrogs and other Regmyl.

The Ghâsh-hai of Moria are believed to have come from Mordor, but some of them were swayed to the service of Durin's Bane.[3] One of their mightiest leaders, Gothghaash the Firecaller, paid tribute to Mazog.[4] Fire-orcs are also known to be in Angmar: in Gador Gularan, the dungeons under Barad Gularan[5]; and a tribe called the Ghâshfra, who came to the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu to attempt to free Thaurlach.[6] Other Ghâsh-hai in service to Angmar include Graug, Krampum (who came from Moria), and Tharb the goblin. These three were involved in a skirmish involving Graug's attempt to inform his superiors of the location of Esteldín. Still other Ghâsh-hai are aligned with the White Hand, serving in Saruman's Foundry and the Pits of Isengard.[7][8]




  1. Likely shortly after the Great Plague in T.A. 1636