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Geography for the purpose of how it's defined in Lotro-Wiki encompasses more than just the nature and relative arrangement of places and physical features. There are several themes of geography that hold some merit for how we define and separate locations on the wiki.

Location: Geographically, location refers to a specific place
  • For Lotro-Wiki location refers to the coordinates on the map. We use {{Tooltip Coords}} as a way to show the spot on the map where an object, person, or place is located.

Place: Geographically, place refers to a physical and human aspect of a location.
  • For Lotro-Wiki place refers to the name and description given for both flavor and characteristics for each place found within Middle-earth.

Movement: Geographically, movement refers to the translocation of human beings, their goods, and their ideas from one end of the planet to another.
  • For Lotro-Wiki movement refers to Stable-masters and Mounts as a means of transportation throughout Middle-earth.

Lotro-Wiki separates Geography into 3 main categories: Physical, Humanoid, and Political.

Physical Geography

The most familiar when referring to geography are the natural landscapes and structures found within Middle-earth.

Humanoid Geography

This type of geography includes "man"-made (or Humanoid) buildings and structures that are found throughout the lands of Middle-earth.

Archival Geography

Map borders such as lands, regions, areas, and landmarks (includes POIs) are used to refer to boundaries. These lands and their subdivisions are also known widely both in-game as well as on the wiki as Locations.