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Image of Gárwig
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Wildermore
Settlement Forlaw
Map Ref [37.8S, 61.0W]


The Reeve of Wildermore, Gárwig can be found inside the mead hall of Forlaw, Lornsettle. He is the father of Edsig, Gárferth, and Gársig. He is the uncle of Thrymm Red-beard and the cousin of Thane Cynegar. He is the grandfather of Humbald, Grimgar, Ansith, Alferth, and Cuthard.

Quest Involvement


"Where are my warriors.. all that remains in my hall are widows and orphans."
"The White Wizard has taken everything from us."
"It's a sad thing, to watch your lands die."
"These lands were once so fair."
"Nothing can be done! "Once Núrzum comes to Forlaw, all will be ended!"
"Widows. Orphans. Mothers of dead sons. Our hope fades like the warmth in our blood...."