Flaming Deeps Quests

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The Flaming Deeps

The Flaming Deeps (57)

  1. [57] Sole Survivors - Vector to Hadâd-mezer
  2. [57] Bearer of Bad News - Vector to Anazârmekhem
  3. [57] Deepest Depths - Vector to Ânghumu-ru
  4. [57] A Faint Glimmer of Hope - Vector to Hurmulkezer (completion grants access to Goat to Durin's Court at Anazârmekhem)
  5. [57] Quest:Lighting the Way (The Flaming Deeps)
  6. [57] Gathering at the Gate - Vector to The Crossroads of Ash camp (completion grants access to Goat to Crossroads of Ash at Anazârmekhem)
  7. [57] Dissent in the Ranks
  8. [57] Impure Knowledge
  9. [57] Cease to Resist
  10. [57] Leaving the Deeps - Vector to Nud-melek (completion grants access to Goat to Nud-melek at The Crossroads of Ash camp)

Hadâd-mezer (57)

Anazârmekhem (57)

  1. [57] Riddles in the Flames - Starts from Riddle
  2. [57] Riddles in the Walls - at Bhraf-ru

Ânghumu-ru (57)

Hurmulkezer (57)

The Crossroads of Ash camp (57)

Instance Quests

For quests from the War Against Lothórien questline and repeatable quests from Eilíefr and Geirr, see Zelem-melek Quests.

For Haldir's questline for the Lothlórien instance cluster, see Lothlórien Quests.

The Crossroads of Ash

Lending a Hand

The following quests requires you to help other players with their class-quest.

Halls of Crafting

The following quests are available just south of the camp, outside the entrance to the instance.

Challenge quests

The following quests are automatically bestowed when entering the instances.

Fil Gashan

Forges of Khazad-dûm

Halls of Crafting