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  • 40m Range
  • Tactical Skill
  • Resistance: Tactical
    Skill Type: Fire
  • Debuffs enemies' physical attack damage.
  • -10% Melee Damage
  • Duration: 30s
  • Cost: (Level) Power

General Information

Class: Lore-master

Trait Tree: The Ancient Master Traits

Rank Needed: 0


The trait Deep Lore increases the amount of targets of this skill by 5.
The trait Knowledge of the Past reduces the power cost of this skill by 3% and gives it a 20% chance to restore 50-55 power.
The trait The Study of Fire-lore adds an additional 5% miss chance to the debuff applied by this skill.
The legendary trait Force of Will extends the duration of the debuff applied by this skill by 30s.


Using this skill causes Fire-lore-icon.png Fire-lore  to occur on an enemy target.


The Lore-master's Book Legacy Fire-lore Debuff Strength increases the strength of the debuff caused by this skill by up to 5%.
The Lore-master's Book Legacy Target Resistance (Debuffing Skills) decreases the resistance to this skill by up to 3608.
The passive -...% Lore Power Cost that can be found on Second age and First age Lore-master Books reduces the power cost of this skill by up to 7%.

This skill does not stack with Fire-lore of other Lore-masters. It stacks multiplicatively with the burglar's Trick: Disable or any other melee damage debuff.

Tactical Information

Fire-lore is a great skill for reducing damage dealt by melee enemies. You can use it to reduce the damage of a single enemy that deals a lot of melee damage (for instance a boss), or that of a group of enemies that all deal melee damage. Due to the cooldown of the skill it is usually not worth using on enemies with a low morale pool that will die quickly, unless there's a lot of them at once. Note that with trait and maxed legacy, this skill can even debuff a group of 13 enemies.