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For a complete listing of quests designated Fellowship please see the Fellowship Quests category. This page aims to give an overview of quest groups that are worth doing when you have a group together but no particular aim. It does not include one-off Fellowship quests that only take a short time to run through. Note that many of the Epic quests are Fellowship, but are not repeated here unless other quests are linked.

Level 8

The Shire, Needlehole: Threat from Dourhands - nice compact area for the quests, leading up to the final Fellowship quest.

  1. Daffodil is Missing [8]
  2. Tell Bounder Chubb [8]
  3. The Dwarves of Needlehole [8]
  4. A Gift for the North [8] Fellowship

Level 9-10

The Shire, Narrowcleeve, starting in Stock: Brigands - not listed as Fellowship, but a small group is needed.

Also includes Flare For Danger from the Lobelia's Fireworks chain, if the prequel quests have been completed - worth doing (for the explosions!) even if only one fellow has the quest.

Level 10-12

Ered Luin, starting at Gondamon: revenge on the murdered Peace Delegation (it is worth noting however that Vow of Vengeance is completed during one of the epic quests).

  1. The Sundered Shield [10]
  2. Vow of Vengeance [11] Fellowship
  3. The Plundered Port [12]

Level 13-14

Ered Luin, Haudh Lin: Killing Wights - largely soloable, but more fun as a group.

  1. Old Bones [13]
  2. A Disturbing Affair [13]
  3. The Elf-stone [13]
  4. The Standing-stone [14]

Level 12-16

Saeradan's quests, mostly dealing with Brigands & Orcs. A Blade For a Life from the Missing Sword quest chain can conveniently be done at the same time as Shadow of the White Hand.

  1. Sharkey's Men [12]
  2. Rangers and Rogues [12]
  3. Shadow of the White Hand [13] Fellowship
  4. Sharkey's Plan [14]
  5. The Vale of Andrath [15] Fellowship

Level 12-18

The Old Forest quests as a whole - although some can be soloed, the elite trees mean a fellowship is very useful. Can include working on the Old Forest deeds: The Old Forest, Flowers of the Old Forest and Tree slayer.

Level 14-17

The Northern Barrow-downs quests.

  1. The Search for Lalia [15] Fellowship - Ensure every fellow has handed in the first quest before starting to pick up the second - then the quest can be shared if need be.
  2. Lalia's Safe Passage [16] Fellowship

Level 16-18

Southern Barrow-downs - follow-ons to the Northern BDs quests

Level 19-20

Retaking Weathertop: These quests all start with Candaith the Ranger, who is on the North-West side of Weathertop.
In practice a full group needs an average level significantly above the 20 listed to complete Retake Weathertop.

  1. Rise of the Orcs [15]
  2. An Orc Messenger [19]
  3. War-master Uzorr [20] Fellowship
  4. In either order:
  5. Retake Weathertop [20] Fellowship

Level 22-25

The Great Barrow quests - the first of the big instances & great fun with a good fellowship.
First trip:

Second Trip:

Level 23-25

North Downs, Nan Wethren; all start from Trestlebridge.

  1. A Poor Guard [23]
  2. Talbot Redeemed [24]
  1. Trotter's Task [24]
  2. Defending the Bridge [24]
  3. The Black-fire [25] Fellowship

Starts in Nan Wethren

  1. The Defiler of Trestlebridge [25] Fellowship

Level 28-31

The Agamaur quests. At least 2 of these require Book 2 Chapter 8. All are fellowship quests. This is a suggested order & certainly not the only possible way of doing things.

First trip

Visit Haragmar

Second Trip

Third Trip

  1. Fallen Oak [31]
  2. Long Overdue Justice [30]

Level 31-35

Garth Agarwen instance. This follows on from the Agamaur quests, and 2 of those quests are needed for the Red Maid quest.
At least one fellowship member needs to have collected the quests Grimbark's Reclamation and Ivar the Blood-hand [34] from Goldberry and Saeradan respectively in Bree-land. The other quests are all obtained from the Red Pass.