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Biography: Elros
Birth - Death First Age born 532
Race: Half-elf
Gender: Male
Parent(s): Elwing
Child(ren): Vardamir, Tindómiel, Manwendil, Atanalcar
Descendant(s): Elendil

Info: Twin brother to Elrond

Elros was Elrond's twin brother, both of half-elf heritage. They were born in Beleriand, close to the end of the First Age.

The twins were orphaned young, when their parents Eärendil and Elwing sailed to Aman to rouse the Host of Valinor in the wake of the Sack of the Havens. Some time after, the brothers' parents were lifted up to become the brightest star of the night sky. The War of Wrath began years later, resulting in the ousting of Morgoth from Arda for all time.

The Valar then gave the half-elf brothers a choice - to live their life as a full Elf, or as a Man. Unlike his brother Elrond, Elros opted to live his life as a Man, which in turn meant to grow old and die, even despite an unusually long life.

Elros then founded the kingdom of Númenor as its first king, taking the name Tar-Minyatur, and starting the line of kings that would eventually lead to Aragorn. Elros lived to be 500 years old, and died with his family around him, passing the crown of Númenor on to his son.