Ellen Fremedon

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Ellen Fremedon
Image of Ellen Fremedon
Gender Female
Race Man
Region Kingstead
Area West Rohan
Settlement Underharrow
Map Ref [67.4S, 73.7W]


Ellen Fremedon is the wife of Dúnhere and the mother of Dúnburg. She is in charge of preparing the people of Underharrow for their journey to Dunharrow.

Quest Involvement

  1. [87] The Burdens of Underharrow - vector from Éowyn in Edoras
  2. [87] The Fiddle and the Drum
  3. [87] Shelter in the Harrowdale
  4. [88] Bravery Beyond Her Years
    [87] Spirits of Harrowdale
  5. [87] Assembling the Warriors
    [87] Watchers of the Road
  6. [88] From Shelter to Shelter
    [88] Haunting the Dead
  7. [88] Word from the Harrowdale - vector back to Éowyn in Edoras