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Image of Elfmar
Title Thane of Faldham
Gender Male
Race Man
Region East Rohan
Area Norcrofts
Settlement Faldham
Interior Mead Hall of Faldham


Elfmar is the Thane of Faldham and the son of Elfhelm aswell as the brother of Elflád. His son Elfdag was sent to Dunharrow with the refugees.

He is found speaking with Nothwulf inside the Mead Hall.

Later on, he travels with his Riders to the War-stead of the Eorlingas in Taur Drúadan.

Quest Involvement


Elfmar, son of Elfhem, presiding Thane of Faldham. In the absence of his father, Elfmar has been everything one could ask for in a leader. He is a master swordsman, a gifted rider, and has fought bravely alongside his shield-brother, Éomer of Edoras - Guard of Faldham.