Durin's Bane (Moria)

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This page is about the location called Durin's Bane. For the creature, see Durin's Bane (Ost Dunhoth). For the raid boss, see Durin's Bane (The Fall of Khazad-dûm)
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Durin's Bane
Region: Moria
Area: Zirakzigil
Location: [14.9N, 108.7W]
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Durin's Bane inflicts Dread (+5) on those who gaze upon the remains of the fallen Balrog.


Durin's Bane is located in Zirakzigil in Moria. [14.9N, 108.7W]


These are the remains of the mighty Balrog, the great fire demon who had hidden itself in Moria in the days of yore.