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Image of Dala
Gender Male
Race Race of Man
Region East Rohan
Area The Wold
Settlement Langhold
Map Ref [35.8S, 53.9W]

Quest Involvement


A dialog is offered providing the player with insight into the situation.

What news have you of the Wold, <name>? Things have been relatively quiet of late, I do not like it.

  • I hear rumours of brigands in these parts
    'Bringands are ever a plague upon the Wold, pillaging the farmlands and harassing travellers upon the roads. We banish them across the river whenever they dare to rise up, but they always return ere long. We have driven them back lately, so it will be long before they dare to bother us again.'
    I see.
  • I hear that Easterlings are a great threat.
    'Easterlings are ever the true threat in the Wold, for they cross the river from their lands to the east.
    'The South Undeep is our most vulnerable point; we have built four watchtowers to keep our eyes along the river. They are ready to fly to Langhold with a call for reinforcements at a moment's notice, but we send a rider to patrol the towers once a week regardless.'
    I see.