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Image of Dýri
Title Games-master
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region Ered Luin
Area Thorin's Gate
Settlement Thorin's Hall
Interior Thorin's Hall Inn
Map Ref [13.8S, 103.2W]


Dýri is a Games-master who during Harvest Festivals barters geodes for Fall Festival Tokens. Geodes can be found in a chest near him; one geode per hour can be picked, once picked, you get the following effect Geode Hunting.


Item to Receive Items to Trade
Fall Festival Token-icon.png Fall Festival Token Festival Geode-icon.png Cracked Geode
Fall Festival Token-icon.png 2 Fall Festival Tokens Festival Geode-icon.png Pristine Geode
Fall Festival Token-icon.png 3 Fall Festival Tokens Festival Geode-icon.png Faultless Geode
Bucket Festival Mask-icon.png Bucket Festival Mask Mask Token-icon.png Dwarf Mask Token Fall Festival Token-icon.png 12 Fall Festival Tokens