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The Corcur are a hill-man tribe living in the Trollshaws and the Misty Mountains.

Long ago, some of the lands west of the Misty Mountains fell under the rule of a kingdom called Rhudaur, a fraction of the older kingdom of Arnor. Rhudaur, ruled in its final times by Hillmen usurpers, betrayed its sister kingdoms and joined with Angmar in wars against the other fractions of Arnor. When Angmar’s armies suffered defeat at the end of those bloody wars, Rhudaur’s Hillmen tribes scattered.

One such tribe fled into the Misty Mountains, hoping to brave the High Pass and settle in lands east, but ferocious storms blocked their way. They became lost in a remote valley. There they found the Bitter Stair and, at the top, Helegrod.

The Hillmen of that Rhudauran tribe gave themselves the name Corcur, laid claim to that northern vale, and made Helegrod their new seat of power. From there they waylaid travelers from Rivendell and earned the enmity, especially, of Elladan, son of Elrond. By harassing the lords of Rivendell still and maintaining a hold over the shadow of Helegrod, the Corcur hope to earn new favor with Angmar. With the backing of the Witch-king, the Corcur believe they could storm Eriador and gain final victory over their old lands.

Though Rhudaur is fallen, the Corcur still claim allegiance to that dead kingdom which now exists only in their spiteful hearts. Many among the Corcur wear signet rings bearing seals of their false kingdom. The Elves of Rivendell award prestige and friendship to adventurers who collect these signets of Rhudaur as evidence that the Corcur are being met and defeated in the mountains above Imladris.


The Misty Mountains

The Trollshaws


It seems the Corcur generally pledge their allegiance to Ferndúr the Virulent as well as Drugoth the Death-monger.


The Misty Mountains

The Trollshaws


  • The Free Peoples and anyone opposed to the Gaunt-lords and their service to Angmar.


  • Angmar - The Iron Crown of Angmar, and its allies, are affiliated with these Gaunt-lords and the Corcur.