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  • 3.5m Range
  • Immediate
  • Melee Skill
  • Skill Type: Harmful
  • Makes a swift melee attack, interrupting any induction skills being attempted by the enemy.
  • (100 + Melee Offence)% of Main-hand + bonus Damage
  • Interrupts Inductions
  • Cost: 3% of base Power
  • Cost: 1 Fervour
  • Cooldown: 10s

General Information

Class: Champion

This skill is automatically acquired at level 20.

  • At Level 105, the base bonus damage applied to the Main-hand component of this skill is approximately 5.
  • At Level 105, if wielding a Two-handed weapon in the Main-hand, the bonus damage is instead approximately 7.
  • Bonus damage does receive multipliers from Melee Offence and Skill Damage.

Tactical Information

This skill interrupts an action even if it doesn't hit.
Since Update 30 this skill can no longer miss, nor be blocked, parried, or evaded.