Clar Whitethorn

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Clar Whitethorn
Image of Clar Whitethorn
Role Taxidermist
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Bree-land
Settlement Bree
Interior Whitethorn's Taxidermy
Map Ref [30.3S, 52.4W]


Clar Whitethorn is an Taxidermist inside the Whitethorn's Taxidermy in Bree. He barters monster corpses for trophies.

Quest Involvement


Item to Receive Items to Trade
Barghest Trophy-icon.png Barghest Trophy Undamaged Barghest Corpse-icon.png Undamaged Barghest Corpse
Black Bear Trophy-icon.png Black Bear Trophy Undamaged Corpse 1-icon.png Undamaged Black-bear Corpse
Brown Bear Trophy-icon.png Brown Bear Trophy Undamaged Corpse 2-icon.png Undamaged Brown-bear Corpse
Cave Troll Trophy-icon.png Cave Troll Trophy Undamaged Cave-troll Head-icon.png Undamaged Cave-troll Head
Warg Trophy-icon.png Warg Trophy Undamaged Corpse 3-icon.png Undamaged Warg Corpse
White Wolf Trophy-icon.png White Wolf Trophy Undamaged Corpse 4-icon.png Undamaged White-wolf Corpse
Tundra Bear Trophy-icon.png Tundra Bear Trophy Undamaged Corpse 3-icon.png Undamaged Tundra Bear Corpse
Winter-tusk Trophy-icon.png Winter-tusk Trophy Undamaged Winter-tusk Skull-icon.png Undamaged Winter-tusk Skull
Frost-antler Head Trophy-icon.png Frost-antler Head Trophy Undamaged Frost-antler Head-icon.png Undamaged Frost-antler Head
Sabretooth Trophy-icon.png Sabretooth Trophy Undamaged Corpse 4-icon.png Undamaged Sabre-tooth Corpse
Winter-worm Trophy-icon.png Winter-worm Trophy Undamaged Winter-worm Corpse-icon.png Undamaged Winter-worm Corpse
Wolverine Trophy-icon.png Wolverine Trophy Undamaged Corpse 2-icon.png Undamaged Wolverine Corpse

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