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Cave-claws are small, rodent-like creatures that live in caves and subterranean regions. They are presumably one of the many Nameless Things that gnaw the world, as mentioned by the Wizard Gandalf (though this particular breed has been given a name).
Cave-claws are generally normal difficulty and are always aggressive. However, like many beasts, they will at first snarl or cry out at an adventurer as a sign of dominance. They will usually only attack if provoked. Cave-claws are weak to Ancient Dwarf-make damage and some are resistant to Cries. They are found in caves especially in Ered Luin and the Trollshaws. They are also found in the Isendeep Mine and in the Arador's End region of the Ettenmoors.
Offshoots of the Cave-claw species include the Deep-claws of Moria and the enormous Blade-beaks of Angmar.


Cave-claws do not appear in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. However, as mentioned above, they are probably the game's answer to Gandalf's cryptic comments about creatures that live in the deep places of the world.

A full list of reported sub-species from those who have ventured into their lairs:

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