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The Langhold Quest Arc (series of quests):

  • It is necessary to complete all the non-optional quests to get one's first War-steed.
  • This quest arc is the same if you begin your exploration of Rohan as a result of a mail message from "G." -- Rohan Awaits, or a mail message from Galadriel: "A Need in Rohan." (Which begins Volume III, Book 7 of the Epic Quest line.)
  • In this quest arc, you will encounter new game technology -- three "Landscape quests." That is, quests you acquire by virtue of your being in a certain location. A "Quest Action" button pop-up appears on your screen to announce the availability of landscape quests.

  1. [76] The Wold
  2. [76] The Thane of Langhold
  3. [76] A Game of Brigand-bashing
  4. [76] The River Watch Patrol
  5. [76] Reason for Alarm
  6. [76] War Comes to Rohan
  7. [76] Devastation in the North

Once complete, you'll be at the Harwick Stables, where you can take the tutorial on how to use your War-steed.

NPC: Stable Guard (Directs you to Seoca)

NPC: Seoca