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  1. [93] To the Westfold
  2. [93] The Westfold: To the King's Aid
  3. [93] The Last Great Stronghold
  4. [93] Helm's Gate: Too Young, Too Old
    [93] Helm's Gate: Dwarf-expertise
    [93] Helm's Gate: Keen Eye of an Archer
  5. [93] The Scattered Lords of the Westfold
  6. [93] Searching for Erkenbrand - vector to Marton

Available after Vol. III Book 13 and Survivor of the Long Night deed is complete:

[95] Let's Take the Hornburg!
[95] Instance: Let's Take the Hornburg! - Session Play

Epic Battles quests
Helm's Dike
[100] Epic Battle: Helm's Dike
Possible side objectives for Helm's Dike.

The Deeping Wall
[100] Epic Battle: The Deeping Wall
Possible side objectives for The Deeping Wall.
Raid Only

The Deeping-coomb
Quest:Epic Battle: The Deeping-coomb
Possible side objectives for The Deeping-coomb.

The Glittering Caves
[100] Epic Battle: The Glittering Caves
Possible side objectives for The Glittering Caves.

The Hornburg
Possible side objectives for The Hornburg.