Caltha Tunnelly

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Caltha Tunnelly
Image of Caltha Tunnelly
Role Town Crier
Gender Female
Race Hobbit
Region The Shire
Area Hobbiton-Bywater
Settlement Bywater
Map Ref [31.9S, 69.8W]


Caltha Tunnelly is the Town Crier during the Farmers Faire and only then.

During the faire, Caltha works as a Festival Announcer and Rewards Vendor. As such she answers questions about the festival, and she barters tokens for valuable items.

She is found at the following locations, simultaneously:

  • Bree-land Festival Grounds [24.7S, 51.5W]
  • Quest Involvement



    'Come one, come all to the Farmers Faire!'

    Tell me about this "Farmers Faire"....
    'The Farmers Faire is a wonderful festival that celebrates the hard-working farmers in the Shire. This is the time of year when the crops are ripening and many of us are preparing for the fall harvest. Folks come from all over to try the Egg Scramble, Mushroom Hunt, horse races, and the rest. Bywater is where to start if you want to participate in the fun.'
    I have a hankering for eggs!
    'Oh, me too! Have you got any? No? Oh. Well, you should go catch some at Sandson's Egg Scramble. Just head over to Sandson's Farm, east of the Delvings.'
    I heard there would be mushrooms....
    'You heard correctly! Mushroom always grow on Farmer Maggot's farm, away off in the Marish -- at Bamfurlong. I don't think Farmer Maggot likes it much when folk go noseying after his mushrooms, though. I hear some wild tales about those dogs of his.'
    Is there a Horse Race?
    'Why, of course there is! Just go down to the racetrack outside Michel Delving housing neighbourhoods, or to the Horse-fields festival grounds in Bree. Good luck!'
    I'm here for the fishing.
    'You've come to the right place! Head north to the Bywater Pond, and you'll find a number of angler-types milling about.'
    Got any news for me?
    'I heard that Ted Sandyman was a-courting Rosie Cotton! I don't think she likes him, though.'