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Image of Cíllan
Gender Female
Race Race of Man
Region East Rohan
Area The Wold
Settlement Langhold
Interior Mead Hall of Langhold

Quest Involvement

Mead Hall of Langhold


Harwick Refugee Camp


Mead Hall of Langhold

My husband is the Thane of Langhold, <name>. Friends of the Riddermark are welcome, but do not cause trouble here. We are a stern people here in the north.'

  • You seem more traditional than your husband.
    'My parents taught me to value kind friends and guests, for my father survived a deadly encounter with foes thanks to the kindness of a tall stranger passing by -- a ranger who did not look trustworthy, but proved himself otherwise.
    The old customs are important to me. Friends of our city should be hailed as such, for it is important to mark friends from enemies.'
    I wonder….
  • Do you think Langhold is safe from enemies?
    'I am a cautious woman…it is my nature. I prefer to see the signs for myself, and not trust to hope. Sometimes I go about my days without fear. Other times, I sense threat. But thus far, Utred has kept our city safe from brigands and Easterlings.'
    Very wise.