Bree-land Kinship House

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Bree-land Kinship House
Region: Bree-land
Area: Bree-land Homesteads
Location: [34.8S, 46.1W]

Bree-land Kinship Houses are houses in Bree-land Homesteads available to kinships as part of the player housing system. Each neighborhood contains 4 addresses with Kinship Houses. The floor plan of the house is an entrance room, a grand hall with a stage and fireplace, and a smaller room with a fireplace. The upstairs includes another small room with a fireplace. The purchase costs are between 15 Gold  and 17 Gold 250 Silver  with maintenance costs ranging between 300 Silver  and 345 Silver  respectively.

The default surfaces for Bree-land homes are:

For more information about furnishing the Kinship House, see house and furnishings.

Kinship house facade.
Kinship men house with default walls and floors.


House Address Location Purchase Cost Upkeep
5 Long Street [35.8S, 46.3W] 14 Gold 250 Silver  285 Silver 
8 Long Street [37.0S, 46.3W] 15 Gold  300 Silver 
1 High Road [36.7S, 47.4W] 17 Gold 250 Silver  345 Silver 
9 Chestnut Road [35.0S, 48.2W] 16 Gold 500 Silver  330 Silver