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You are about to create an article for a new location page, also referred to as a Point of Interest.
There are multiple types of locations -- those which are marked on the large, in-game map (M), and those which are not.
Select the boilerplate below as appropriate:


The most common type of location or Point of Interest for which you will be creating an article.
Once it is 'discovered' it is usually marked with a red flag on the large, in-game map (M). Example: Bag End.
These Landmarks are typically goals of various Explorer Deeds.


A city, village, or encampment - a "settlement" always has some services.
Larger or more important settlements are often marked with blue icons on the large, in-game map. Examples: Bree, Waymeet, Adso's Camp.


Any building that may be entered. Examples:
Interiors are normally directly related to a specific Landmark or Point of Interest.


Sections of the game separated out of the main world for quests or story-telling, as public dungeons, private fellowship or solo instances, skirmishes or massive raids. For a category of all see: Category:Instances. Instances may be entered via the Instance Finder window. Examples: Great Barrow: The Maze, Glinghant, Urugarth.

Areas and Regions are defined by Turbine and are usually delineated in the Press Releases, Release Announcements and the actual Release Notes. They are only found in Expansions and Major updates. Areas and Regions are normally quite static and rarely need creation.


A typically large section of a region.
Areas are not marked with red flags on the map but the system message when entering an area always reads in yellow. Example: The Hill within The Shire.
All Areas are part of Category: Political Geography


A large geographic area comprised of multiple Areas, such as Bree-land or The Shire. At present, there are just 30 regions, they are defined by Turbine and may change with "Expansions," and they are found in one of the four "lands" of Middle-earth.

Fill out the suggested details; if something essential is missing, add a {{Stub/X}} where X may be Image, Location, Other, etc., so that others may find and complement your submission. The templates will automatically add the location to the correct Lotro-Wiki Category; however, you may want to manually add the location to e.g. Public Dungeons, Ruins, etc.

This template is meant for locations that provide some kind of services. A location with several quest givers but no services should probably use Boilerplate:Location Landmarks. For same-name areas, use this template (see Boilerplate:Location Areas). See more comments at the end of this page.

{{Infobox Settlements
|name   = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
|region = 
|area   = 
|map    = 
|NS     = 
|EW     = 
[[File:{{subst:PAGENAME}}.jpg|center|400px]]<br clear="all">{{Toc-right}}

== Location ==
'''{{subst:PAGENAME}}''' is a settlement located within the area of [[area]] in [[region]]. {{Tooltip Coords|||}}

== Services ==
The following services can be found within the settlement of {{subst:PAGENAME}}:
* [[]] - [[]] {{Tooltip Coords|||}}

=== Mailboxes ===
* [[Mailbox]] {{Tooltip Coords|||}}

=== Tasks Bulletin Board ===
* [[Tasks Bulletin Board]] {{Tooltip Coords|||}}

=== Crafting ===
* [[]] {{Tooltip Coords|||}}

=== Travelling ===
* [[Milestone]] {{Tooltip Coords|||}}
* [[Stable-master]] - [[name]]  {{Tooltip Coords|||}}
{{:name of stable-master}} <!-- only if s/he can be transcluded -->

== Deeds ==
The following [[REGION Deeds|deeds]] can be advanced by visiting this place:
* [[]]

== Quests ==
See [[:Category:{{subst:PAGENAME}} Quests]] OR {{:Category:{{subst:PAGENAME}} Quests}}

* [] [[Quest:|]]

== NPCs ==
{{:Category:{{subst:PAGENAME}} NPCs}}
OR tables as below
-- the following may be the style of a transcluded NPC section (but is not mandatory) --
=== Services ===
The following NPCs provide services.
{| class="altRowsMed" width="500"
! width="200" | NPC !! width="200" | Function !! Coords
| [[]] || [[]] || {{Tooltip Coords|||}}

=== Equipment ===
{| class="altRowsMed" width="500"
! width="200" | NPC !! width="200" | Function !! Coords
|  [[]] || [[Light Armoursmith]] || {{Tooltip Coords|||}}
|  [[]] || [[Medium Armoursmith]] || {{Tooltip Coords|||}}
|  [[]] || [[Bowyer]] || {{Tooltip Coords|||}}
|  [[]] || [[One-handed Weaponsmith]] || {{Tooltip Coords|||}}
|  [[]] || [[Two-handed Weaponsmith]] || {{Tooltip Coords|||}}

=== Crafting ===
{| class="altRowsMed" width="500"
! width="200" | NPC !! width="200" | Function !! Coords
|  [[]] || [[]] || {{Tooltip Coords||S|W}}

=== Class Trainers ===
{| class="altRowsMed" width="500"
! width="200" | NPC !! width="200" | Function !! Coords
|  [[]] || [[NPC Burglar Trainer|Burglar Trainer]] || {{Tooltip Coords|||}} 
|  [[]] || [[NPC Captain Trainer|Captain Trainer]] || {{Tooltip Coords|||}} 
|  [[]] || [[NPC Champion Trainer|Champion Trainer]] || {{Tooltip Coords|||}} 
|  [[]] || [[NPC Guardian Trainer|Guardian Trainer]] || {{Tooltip Coords|||}} 
|  [[]] || [[NPC Hunter Trainer|Hunter Trainer]] || {{Tooltip Coords|||}} 
|  [[]] || [[NPC Lore-master Trainer|Lore-master Trainer]] || {{Tooltip Coords|||}} 
|  [[]] || [[NPC Minstrel Trainer|Minstrel Trainer]] || {{Tooltip Coords|||}} 
|  [[]] || [[NPC Rune-keeper Trainer|Rune-keeper Trainer]] || {{Tooltip Coords|||}}
|  [[]] || [[NPC Warden Trainer|Warden Trainer]] || {{Tooltip Coords|||}} 

=== Others ===
-- List of common townsfolk and quest givers should go here. --
-- Use table if a table is used above, otherwise a dotted list as below --
* [[]]

== Lore ==
: ''[insert lore here]''




Some settlements are so big that splitting them into several pages will make the information easier to find. For example, often a craft fair contains very specific information, thus having long lists of information just dilute the main page of the settlement. Another argument is that contained sections, blocks, squares, and interiors contain information that are very local to that location, hence it is better kept local and not in long list. However, the main page must always present these and make it intuitive were the information are found. For examples, see for example Bree, Celondim, Michel Delving, Thorin's Hall, etc.