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Boilerplate:Item Please use Create new item to create item articles.
This page is an explanation of all parameters and a guideline for additional, optional information desired for item articles.
The tool: Create new item allows you to create an item page by simply "filling in the blanks". I.e. adding the values to the appropriate parameters for your item.
Note that most items will NOT use more than a fraction of the possible parameters. The tool will display this page when you first use it. As soon as you "preview" the page, that display will disappear. You can always display the information on this page by simply opening another tab or page in your browser to Boilerplate:Item.
Below the parameter explanations, you will find additional, optional sections along with pre-determined formatting and information for the created article. If you do not need a section, you don't have to copy it into your article.
For help and information, see Help:Items and Template:Item Tooltip.
Important Notices:
  • Item name: {{subst:PAGENAME}} usually works well, but if the item name does not equal the page name, replace the code with the item name spelled exactly as in-game.
    Example: the page is named "Chainsaw (Level 33)" but the item is named "Chainsaw" (and assumingly other Chainsaw pages exist).
  • disambigpage: Please retain {{subst:FULLPAGENAME}} in the disambigpage field. Otherwise you must use ' instead of any apostrophe ( ' ).
  • Icons: Please use generic icons as far as possible. Navigate to wanted category from Category:Item Icons. Should an icon not exist, use the exact page name to avoid issues with names containing diacritics and apostrophes (do not use Boilerplate:Item). Neither Image: nor File: nor .PNG is necessary. Example: "Cloak 1 (incomparable)-icon"
  • attrib: Enumerate all attributes as they are read at the in-game tooltip. Use <br> to separate items, e.g. +5 Might <br> +10 Maximum Power.
    Currently there is no good way to display the colour variations in "Wield: abc" and "x% chance to appl..." which varies randomly (?) between green and beige. Use {{Color|khaki|...}} around the beige text.
    Altogether this means that "attrib" may carry a very long line of text, everything on one unbroken line.

Scaling Items

  • With recent updates, (nominally, post Helm's Deep) and the advent of Scaling Instances (especially Epic Battles), Turbine has come to create more and more "Scaling Items" -- i.e. items which have the same basic description, but whose stats vary (for instance with their "drop level"). This is especially true for item drops within these Scaling Instances, however, it is also now a common occurrance with world drops.
Accordingly, a layout for Scaling Items is defined. This is basically a substitution of a variable for the specific stat and the creation of a table of values for the stats of that weapon. An excellent example is One-handed Axe 1 (incomparable)-icon.png Greater Dextrous Axe of Prowess. See the information below for more details #Scaling Item details.

Additional (Optional) Information

Select the groups of information appropriate to the Item being created.

Quest Details

== Quest Information ==
This item is a selectable reward for the quest [Level] [[Quest:Name|]].


== Quest Information ==
This item is a reward for the following quest(s):
* [Level] [[Quest:Name|]]


== Quest Information ==
This item starts the quest [Level] [[Quest:Name|]].

== Location ==
Can be found at [[Location]] in [[Region|]]. {{Tooltip Coords|region|S|W}}


== Quest Information ==
This item is involved in the following quest(s):
* [Level] [[Quest:Name|]]

Crafting Details

== Craft Information ==
Profession: [[PROFESSION_NAME]]


Recipe: [[Item:RECIPE_NAME|]]
Standard Recipe Result: [[Item:STANDARD_ITEM_NAME|]]

Critical Success Result: [[Item:CRITICAL_SUCCESS_ITEM_NAME|]]


This item is used by a TIER_NAME [[PROFESSION_NAME]] as a component for the following:
* [[Item:ITEM_NAME|]]

View the [[INDEX_NAME]] for more details. 
INDEX_NAME is "PROFESSION_NAME TIER_NAME Recipe Index" where the component is used.
* Bronze Chain Link includes both parts of the crafting template because it is both a crafted item and an ingredient in other recipes.

Drop Details

== Drop Information ==
This item is dropped by:
* [[Name]]


== Drop Information ==
This item is dropped by [[Name]].

Location: [[Location]]. 

Reputation and/or Barter Details

== Reputation Information ==
Faction: [[Name]]

Quantity Required: #

Reputation Gained: # 

For barter items "paid" to the barterer:

== Barter Information ==
Barterer: [[Name]]

Location: [[Location]]

Quantity Required: #

Item Received in Exchange: [[Item:|]]  

OR For barter items received:

== Barter Information ==
Barterer: [[Name]]

Location: [[Location]]

Barter Item Required: [[Item:|]] 

Quantity Required: # 

For taxidermist barter items, change to

Taxidermist: [[Name]]

Trophy Received: [[Item:|]]
Barter Item Required: [Quantity] [[Item:|]] 

Standard Barter Examples:

Taxidermist Examples:


For items that have an in-game appearance. Examples: armour, weapons, steeds, pets, decorations.

== Gallery ==

OR, in case of multiple images:

== Gallery ==
<gallery mode=packed heights="200px" style="text-align:left">
File:Name 2.jpg|Name 2|alt=Name 2

  • Uploaded images should comply to the rules of Help:Images.
  • Exception: pictures of decorations that are very dark may be taken by clicking on the item to lighten it up; this will cause the name tag to show.

Scaling Item details

Note that this is the Level parameter (level - numeric value of the minimum level required to use this item;) not Item_Level.
  • Replace the actual stat value in the ToolTip with "X"
  • Next, add a sub heading.
== Item Information ==
  • Below, add a short line that explains the situation.
This is a scaled item. The exact reward of the item received is dependent on the level of the instance.

Example: Greater Dextrous Axe of Prowess


The standard and critted version of this item have the same name, but differ in item level and stats.

Example: Polished Helm of the Doomfold

  • Finally, create a table containing entries for each known drop level and relevant variables:
:{| class="altRowsMed center" style="width:60%"
!  style="width: 9%"  | Item level 
!! style="width: 9%"  | Damage
!! style="width: 8%"  | DPS
!! style="width: 8%"  | Agility
!! style="width: 8%"  | Vitality
!! style="width: 9%"  | Physical Mastery Rating
!! style="width: 8%"  | Finesse Rating
!! style="width: 8%"  | Critical Rating
!! style="width: 8%"  | Armour
!! style="width: 9%"  | Minimum level
!! style="width: 17%" | Worth
|  47 || 50 - 83   || 35.0  || 40  || 34  || 150 || 366  || 75  || -47  || 45 || {{Worth|s=12|c=12}}
| 176 || 311 - 518 || 218.1 || 217 || 186 || 563 || 1274 || 282 || -105 || 95 || {{Worth|s=39|c=21}}

The result will resemble this:

Item Information
This is a scaled item. The exact reward of the item received is dependent on the level of the instance.

Item level Damage DPS Agility Vitality Physical Mastery Rating Finesse Rating Critical Rating Armour Minimum level Worth
47 50 - 83 35.0 40 34 150 366 75 -47 45 12 Silver 12 Copper 
176 311 - 518 218.1 217 186 563 1274 282 -105 95 39 Silver 21 Copper